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Accueil » Our Perfect Golfcarts + Bikes Versailles Tour

Our Perfect Golfcarts + Bikes Versailles Tour

 We have designed the perfect Versailles Tour with a combination of Golcarts and Bikes which is the best possible way to discover the huge 2000 acres Royal Domain ! 

Our fun & knowledgeable local guides will definitely make your day @Versailles special. 

We are doing a big loop inside the 2000 acres grounds of Versailles, we won’t pass twice by the same route. 

Our itinerary was timed according to the fountains show schedule (Apr-Oct, tuesdays & weekends).

Book our Perfect Golfcarts + Bikes Versailles Tour

INCLUDED picnic lunch from iconic Angelina‘s tearoom & restaurant : parisian sandwich (cooked ham, comté cheese, mesclun salad, mustard, butter) OR vegetarian cheese & salad sandwich (emmental cheese, mesclun salad, mustard, butter, pickles)

  • soft drink OR little bottle of wine
  • mineral water (still or sparkling)
  • vanilla financier (small French almond cake, flavoured with hazelnut butter, usually baked in a small mold)

+/- 6hours
we will spend 6 hours together (9:30-3:30), then you will visit the Palace on your own, at your own pace. You can stay until the Palace closing time at 6:30PM.

9:30, in front of the Grille Royale. After passing security check, keep going up, you will see a massive shiny golden gate, there you are! You are responsible for arriving at the meeting point in time for your tour.

Free cancellation 48 hours before the begining of the Tour (A for C, before 9am). 30% fee for cancellation less than 48 hours before the tour.

In the peak season (April -Sept) as we need to purchase the tickets way in advance due to high attendance, 25€ per adults and 9€ per children will be deducted from the refund.
No refunds in case of no show.

What's included ?
Pretty much everything 🙂


Tour description

Our journey begins at 9:30AM in front of the main entrance of the Palace, at the foot of the majestic golden Grille Royale.

We will first head towards the south parterre, where our rides (golfcarts) will be waiting for us. Golfcarts are the perfect way to travel through the amazing gardens and discover all the wonderful hidden Groves created by the brilliant André Le Nôtre. Sit back and relax or take the wheel and enjoy the beauty of formal french gardens while our guide tells you all about them ! The fountains are only activated from April until October on tuesdays and on the weekends, and do not run all day long but we timed our Tour so that we stop by them when water is flowing!

After our journey through the groves we’ll arrive at the Petite Venise, next to the Grand Canal. We will then trade our carts for bikes and smoothly pedal along the Grand Canal and through the Royal Forest to reach The Petit Trianon. There, we will park the bikes and, after receiving some amazing historical informations about the place, you will enjoy free time to discover the rustic retreat built for Marie Antoinette, inspired by traditional architecture of rural Normandy.

It will then be time for our picnic lunch break from iconic Angelina. Relax and sip some wine while our guide shares fun facts about french Royalty.

Once we have regained our strength, we will cycle to the Grand Trianon and after hearing more fascinating stories about Louis XIV and his mistress Madame de Montespan, you will enjoy more free time to explore this amazing pink marble palace.

We will then head to the Neptune fountain where we will drop our bikes and make our way back to the Palace on foot, crossing through more amazing groves, exactly when the water jets are on!

Finally, it will be time to access the Palace, when it is less crowed, with a timed entry ticket. From there you will be able to visit by yourself, at your own pace, the royal residence of French Monarchy and it’s most iconic room : the magnificent Hall of Mirrors.

Micka MRE
Micka MRE
I grew up in Versailles and I have been thousands of time to the Chateau and his gardens. However, doing the Kingstour, I have discovered all his wonders. If you want to have the best experience, know all the secrets of the French Monarchy, and see all his wonders, you have to do this tour. Simply AMAZING
Vlad Koga
Vlad Koga
It was a great tour of Versailles tour. Are guide was one of the best, a truly great experience all around!
Boris Stevanovic
Boris Stevanovic
We had a very good tour with Nima, starting first with the gardens using golf carts then bicycles, visiting Trianon palace, nice lunch in the park, Nima is very knowledgeable about the history of the castle so we had very good time, after that we had a visit of the castle, I highly recommend this tour
Sheryl Hill
Sheryl Hill
The walking, golf cart, biking tour with lunch was voted as our overall favorite activity of the week! Our guide, Nima was so knowledgeable! He gave us all sorts of information and stories that you wouldn't find by just reading a guide book. Part of our group had been to the Gardens before but we saw completely different sections! The stop at Marie-Antoinette's house and village added to the experience! The pacing of the tour was well managed as I was initially concerned that all day might be too long for this type of tour, especially because it rained early, but we were kept busy and the day went smoothly! We would highly recommend this as a must-do activity if you are planning a trip to Versailles!
John Clay
John Clay
Fantastic Day. Awesome tour of the gardens using golf carts and bikes. Nima did a great job. Highly recommend.
Aston Leung
Aston Leung
We had a wonderful time. Our guide, Nima, was amazing. He was knowledgeable. He taught us a lot about French history in interesting ways. He also cared about the environment. He picked up rubbish whenever he could find them. The whole experience was lovely.
Maria Cordovez
Maria Cordovez
We had the most amazing experience during our Kingtours is Versailles. Our tour guide was the best story teller and had so many interesting things to say about the history of Versailles. We absolutely loved the golf cart ride as we were able to cover so much without having to walk to much. The icing on the cake was the beautiful bike ride we did following the tour inside the gardens. The picnic set up for us while we toured Marie Antoinette’s house was amazing. Baguette sandwich, chips, wine and delicious dessert to finish it off. We traveled with our three children ages 10, 12 & 15 and they all absolutely loved the tour. This is a tour we will never forget and we highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed
Philippe Laloge-Duvallet
Philippe Laloge-Duvallet
Excellent guide, sympa et instructif. Très ludique et sportif à la fois.
Jocelyn Mitchelmore
Jocelyn Mitchelmore
Our family of 4 had a GREAt experience in early June with this company. We have 2 teen daughters and they claimed this was the highlight of their whole trip. Nima was an EXCELLENT tour guide. He was kind, knowledgable, energetic and patient. We loved the golf carts, the bikes and the picnic lunch with the wine. The lunch was from a French bakery and way more classy than I had expected. All and all, if you are looking for a tour at Versailles, this is the tour for you!!