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Versailles luxury private tour

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Discover Versailles with Our Luxury Private Tour

Looking for a special way to see Versailles? Check out KingtoursVersailles luxury private tour. It’s an awesome way to explore the huge 2,000-acre Royal Domain of Versailles with your family or friends. This tour is all about giving you a unique and fun experience in one of the world’s most famous places.

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Why Our Versailles Private Tour is Great

Our luxury private tour is perfect for those who want to see Versailles without the crowds. You get your own guide, which means you get to hear all the cool stories and facts about the palace and gardens without being rushed. And since it’s private, everything is more relaxed and tailored to what you want.

Start Your Tour in Style

Our Versailles luxury private tour kicks off at the main entrance of the Palace, right by the big golden Grille Royale. From there, you’ll hop into a golf cart to start exploring. It’s a comfy and easy way to see the gardens without having to walk for miles.

Golf Cart Adventure and Biking Fun

First up, you’ll ride through the famous French Gardens in the golf cart. It’s a chilled way to see all the amazing sights. Then, you’ll switch to bikes to check out places like Petite Venise and the Grand Canal. Biking here is super fun and a great way to see the estate.

Enjoy a Picnic Lunch

Halfway through, we’ll stop for a picnic lunch. It’s a nice break where you can have some tasty food and a glass of wine, right in the middle of this beautiful place. As you kick back and relax for a while, your guide will entertain you with fascinating stories about this majestic landmark and some of the stories that happened right under your feet.

Visit the Grand Trianon

After lunch, you’ll cycle over to the Grand Trianon. It’s this cool pink marble palace with lots of history. You get to wander around there and see what it is all about. Here you can take some wonderful pictures and selfies to share to your socials and family and friends back home.

Walk to the Neptune Fountain

Next, you’ll take a walk to the Neptune Fountain. This is another amazing part of our Versailles luxury private tour, with lots of cool statues and water features. You’ll love the chance to stretch your legs after that cycling and take in the scenery and sights at your own pace.

Skip-the-Line at the Palace

The best part? You get skip-the-line tickets to the Palace. This means you don’t have to wait in the long lines and you can take your time checking out places like the Hall of Mirrors.

Book Your Private Tour Now

So, if you’re looking for a unique and fun way to see Versailles, our Versailles luxury private tour is perfect. It’s a mix of comfort, cool stories, and seeing some amazing places. Book your tour with Kingtours and get ready for a great day out at Versailles! This is an experience you’ll never forget!