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Versailles Palace Bike Adventure

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Embark on a Versailles Palace Bike Adventure

Looking for a fun family activity in Paris? Our Versailles Palace bike adventure is a great pick for families who want to discover the famous Palace of Versailles in an active and engaging way. Kingtours has put together this special bike adventure to combine history, fun, and family bonding.

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Why You’ll Love Our Versailles Palace Bike Adventure

Our Versailles palace bike adventure is more than just a regular bike tour. It’s a complete experience in the stunning world of Versailles. This adventure is family-friendly and includes cycling, golf carts, interesting stories, and access to some of the estate’s most beautiful spots.

Start Your Adventure on Two Wheels

We kick off at 9:30 AM. Besides biking, our Versailles palace bike adventure also offers golf cart rides through the scenic gardens. This part of the tour is great for anyone who wants a break from biking, like young kids or older family members.  You’ll also get a chance to stretch your legs with a walk later on in the tour.

Cycle Through History

As we bike along the Grand Canal and to Petite Venise, our guides will tell you all about the Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette. It’s a fun way to learn about Versailles’ rich history while enjoying the ride. There’s no better place to hear these stories than in the setting in which they took place. For children, it’s a great way to set imaginations alight and keep historical memories alive.

Enjoy a Picnic Lunch

We’ll take a break for a picnic lunch with some tasty food and wine. It’s a great time to relax and enjoy the surroundings. After lunch, you’ll be all set to continue the adventure. Our guests love this pitstop and the chance to reflect on what they have seen and learned and hear more fascinating stories from their guide.

Discover the Grand Trianon on Bikes

A big highlight is biking to the Grand Trianon. This stunning pink marble palace gives you a glimpse into French royalty’s luxurious past. You’ll have the chance to explore at your own pace and take plenty of photos and videos.

Walk to the Neptune Fountain

Our Versailles Palace bike adventure also includes a walk to the Neptune Fountain. This beautiful spot is perfect for a leisurely stroll and enjoying the views. The fountain really does need to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Skip the Lines at the Palace

A great perk of our Versailles Palace bike adventure is skip-the-line access to the Palace of Versailles. You and your family can explore the palace, including the Hall of Mirrors, without waiting in long lines.

Join Us for a Memorable Day

We invite your family to join our Versailles palace bike adventure for an unforgettable day of history, fun, and exploration. It’s a great way for families to see Versailles and create lasting memories together.

Book your Versailles palace bike adventure now and get ready for a day full of discovery and excitement at one of France’s most iconic landmarks! We can’t wait to welcome you!