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Versailles tour children

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Experience an Exciting Versailles Tour For Children

Planning a family trip to Paris soon? Make sure to include our Versailles tour for children, specially designed for children and their families. Kingtours offers this kid-friendly adventure, ensuring a fun, educational, and memorable visit to the famous Palace of Versailles.

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Why Our Versailles Tour For Children is So Much Fun

Our Versailles tour for children is more than just a sightseeing trip. It combines various exciting modes of transportation and interactive storytelling, making it perfect for keeping kids engaged and entertained. Explore the vast grounds of Versailles on a golf cart, bike, and by foot, tailored to be enjoyable for all ages.

Start Your Adventure at Versailles

Join us at 9:30 AM outside the Grille Royale, where your family’s adventure begins. Our guides are great with kids and will make sure everyone is excited and ready for the day ahead. We’ll tell you all about what to expect and look forward to on our Versailles tour for children.

Fun Golf Cart Ride Through the Gardens

The tour kicks off with a golf cart ride through the French Gardens. It’s a fun and easy way for kids to see the gardens without getting too tired, and they’ll love the novelty of riding in a golf cart. Safety is also our number one concern and we’ll give a safety briefing before we set off to ensure everybody has a great time.

Cycling Along the Grand Canal

Next, switch to bikes for a scenic ride along the Grand Canal. This part of our Versailles tour for children is great for children to burn off some energy and enjoy the outdoors. Our guides will share fascinating stories about the history of Versailles, making it a learning experience as well.

Enjoy a Kid-Friendly Picnic Lunch

After some cycling, we’ll stop for a picnic lunch. It’s a great opportunity for kids to relax and enjoy some delicious food in a beautiful setting. Adults can also indulge in a glass of wine if they wish.

Explore the Grand Trianon

After lunch, visit the Grand Trianon, a pink marble palace that’s sure to fascinate children with its beauty and history.

Walk to the Neptune Fountain

Then, take a leisurely walk to the Neptune Fountain. It’s a chance for kids to enjoy the fountains and gardens, providing a peaceful break from the excitement of the day.

Skip-the-Line at the Palace

A highlight of our tour for children is the skip-the-line access to the Palace of Versailles. Avoid the long wait and explore the palace, including the Hall of Mirrors, at a pace suitable for families with children.

Book Your Family-Friendly Versailles Tour

Our Versailles tour for children is the perfect way for your family to explore one of France’s most iconic landmarks. It’s an adventure that combines fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Book your tour today and get ready for an exciting day at Versailles that your kids will love!